TradeTech AI, Earnings Algorithms Dashboard

TradeTech AI will be used to monitor the analysis and performance of "Earning Algorithms" trading robots. The platform can enable investors to make more efficient portfolio management with advanced AI technology by comparing the real-time profits of algorithms with the profits in past tests.
In addition, with the TradeTech AI algorithms dashboard, investors can directly participate in the profits of "Earning Algorithms".
We started our trading algorithms adventure with TTAI-1. After we realized that the concept of time had an effect on price movements, we started working. We completed these studies in a short time and created TTAI-01. In the retrospective tests of 2017, we found that it was quite successful and we followed the algorithm closely. We ran the algorithm on live market data from time to time and found that it gave results that were compatible with backtesting. Now we have no doubt that we can safely use this algorithm.
TTAI-2 algorithm was created by adding trade psychology strategy to TTAI-1. TTAI-2 was developed by adding trading psychology to the TTAI-1 algorithm and focusing on periodic chart movements. Its structure is still as simple as TTAI-1. The income difference between the two algorithms is provided by the detection of periodic movements.
We detected periodic movements with the TTAI-2 algorithm. In this way, we were able to reduce the number of major stressors, increase revenues and achieve a more stable income curve.
TTAI-3 is a proprietary algorithm that uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. TTAI-3 has a much more complex structure than the first two algorithms. This complexity has made the revenue curve more stable. Another factor that increases the income is the ability to trade in all market movements with double-sided trading.
The TTAI-3 algorithm has managed to avoid stresses thanks to its ability to trade in two directions. Thanks to its rapid adaptation to market movements, it has the ability to quickly reverse the harmful position and turn it into a neutral or profitable position. Reducing stresses made incomes more stable. Also, algorithm revenue has increased significantly.